Guests with Disabilities


TourCoach vehicles are designed to accommodate guests with disabilities or certain other qualifying impairments so that they may participate in the enjoyment of our services. We strive to make sure that TourCoach is fun and accessible for everyone and lots of guests with disabilities enjoy TourCoach every day.

Safety And Accessibility:

Wheelchairs and Electric Driven Wheelchair units (ECV’s):

Please Note: TourCoach does not supply wheelchairs and electric driven wheelchairs (ECV’s) for use by passengers.

There is NO booking fee to reserve TourCoach services for ADA passengers. TourCoach does not have any booking fee for any service it provides.

Guests using wheelchairs or ECV’s must confirm their reservation at least 48-hours in advance to guarantee a seat. Reservations may be made up to the day of departure based on availability.

A bus wheelchair lift has a maximum design load of 600 pounds as supplied by manufacturers. There is no requirement for an agency to transport a heavier occupied device.

Note: Some rental scooters may exceed the wheelchair lift’s maximum capacity.

Service Animals:

Trained service animals are welcome on our TourCoach vehicles. Service animals are defined as dogs that are individually trained to work for or perform tasks for people with disabilities.

Vehicle Accessibility Program:

Our goal is to safely accommodate the needs of our clients, and we make sure all of our policies continue to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and applicable state laws, and are updated as needed in accordance with any changes in the law.

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Wheelchairs and Electric Driven Wheelchair units (ECV’s)

  • Wheelchair Lift
  • Service Animals