About Us

Our Company

Welcome to TourCoach, a trusted provider of charter transportation, bus rentals, and shuttle services in Los Angeles and the southwestern United States.

TourCoach Charter & Tours is a full-service transportation company that has been in business since 1968. The company was founded in Hollywood and has been providing per capita sightseeing tours to millions of guests from around the world as well as private charter services until the Charter Department was incorporated as Screamline Investment Corp. DBA TourCoach Charter & Tours in 1992. Currently we operate a large fleet of coaches, mini buses and transit buses with two yard locations and maintenance facilities located in Commerce and Vernon.

We are a large family owned company and we consider our employees part of our big family. Although TourCoach is in the Los Angeles area, it transports passengers throughout California, Nevada, Arizona, Utah and other Southwestern states. The customer base extends to virtually every corner of the world and in many instances provides continuous, multi-day transportation service from the arrival at the airport to the customer’s departure at the airport.

TourCoach was initially formed as a charter and tour company and quickly extended its services to include fixed route shuttle services, commuter services, and special services for several school districts.

TourCoach currently provides transportation services for a wide range of clients ranging from public schools, churches, city functions to corporate high-end events and conventions.

To ensure the safety of its employees and its customers, TourCoach developed an in-house drivers’ training program that addresses the specialized requirements of each service. These include daily tours of Los Angeles, school outings, Las Vegas turnarounds, and other trips. Not only do

TourCoach’s drivers drive the vehicles, they are also the tour guides and friends of the Los Angeles’ tourists. As such, they are taught defensive driving, given skills on how to work with people, and are taught first aid and CPR.

TourCoach is continually drawing from its vast experience in providing cost effective transportation solutions for its customers. A proactive approach to customer service addresses issues that would otherwise evolve into problems or customer dissatisfaction. The management teams work directly with customers to completely understand the unique requirements of their needs so that their experience is one of total satisfaction.
All TourCoach employees understand the need for repeat customers and each employee knows that their job depends on that customer and his or her repeat business.

TourCoach has never defaulted or been terminated on a contract and has never failed to complete any work awarded. All projects have been completed with satisfaction by the agency.

TourCoach has attained a great deal of experience from the diverse nature of transportation services it has performed. This experience has been instrumental in the ability to maintain the ridged schedules required from a successful tour operator.

Our Mission

To provide our customers with dependable transportation services, with professional coach operators as well as competitive pricing programs with an emphasis on customer service for all concerned parties.

To be receptive to customer’s needs and react in a professional and timely manner.

To recognize customers are our only assets for continued success.

To excel in all our business ventures, through sound business decisions, dedication and commitment, quality and motivation of staff, coach operators and management strategic planning, local and foreign market knowledge, creativity, continuous development and a clear vision for the future.

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